Welcome to Fit On The Road Chronicles

I am happy you are here. I am Sandra Sullivan. Let me start off by thanking my entire spiritual family. Not only family and friends, but others who have watched my journey without me knowing, making sure I was okay, and that I received what I needed in order to be a spotlight for living on a tight budget (not always within my means) in this world.

Life has really been a journey. Seems that as soon as I strive forward to make an improvement to my health, something or someone wanted to take me ten steps backwards. Through it all, I have persevered with delays along the way, but life is not perfect. If I give up now, what would happen to the people that tried to help along the way. It would be wasted.

My mission is to share fitness with everyone. I have a story to tell about health and fitness. With information about high blood pressure among other ailments at my disposal, my goal is to help people have better health and be able to attain fitness goals one step at a time.

In my blog, I want to show you some of the products I use some of the he meals I create on the road, my exercise plan and maybe it can put you on the path to success with your goals in fitness along with my viewpoint of the world as I strive for victory over stressors and focusing on happy times), but don’t let the bad times deter you. The best measure of your fitness is if you can continue to reach and attain your goals even though someone else’s views are different than yours. Will you continue to strive to attain your goals?

I use the following supplement that contains D3 and K2. I love it and have heard many positive reviews from others.